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Sponsoring Office Checklist for Third-Party Covered Camps and Programs

The Sponsoring Office is required to confirm each step has been completed before the third-party program or camp can begin on the scheduled date involving children and youth.  



1) The Sponsoring Office will obtain an approved Cornell University third-party facilities contract from Risk Management and Insurance and University General Counsel.

2) The Sponsoring Office will read University Policy 8.8, Children and Youth Safety

3) The Sponsoring Office will complete the University Events Registration for the Third-Party camp/program involving children and youth.

4) The Sponsoring Office will inform the Third-Party program/camp to contact the Children and Youth Safety at Cornell Program Administrator at

5) The Sponsoring Office will collect

  1. Completed and signed contract

  2. Certificate of Insurance

6) The Children and Youth Safety office will email the Sponsoring Office an approval to commence the Third-Party children and youth programming.

7) Once the Sponsoring Office receives the approval email, the Third-Party may initiate the Covered Children and Youth Programming.