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Cornell University is Dedicated to Ensuring the Programs Your Children Attend are Safe.

Cornell University has implemented policy and procedures to ensure that all programs involving minors are conducted in a safe environment, free from the threat of physical injury, emotional harm, abuse, sexual abuse, maltreatment, and neglect. 

All individuals associated with Cornell University, including faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and third parties who operate youth programs at Cornell, are required to implement safeguards to protect the children in their care.

These safeguards include:

Compliance with Policy: All University-affiliated youth programs must adhere to University policy specifically designed to prevent harm and ensure the well-being of minors. 

Screening Methods: All personnel in University-affiliated youth programs are screened via a criminal background check and sex offender registry search prior to their participation in the program.

Training and Education: We provide all personnel with training and education that equips them with the skills to recognize, prevent, and respond to incidents of harm involving youth.

Safety Measures: All University-affiliated youth-programs must implement proactive safety measures to reduce risk and promote a safe environment for youth.

Reporting and Response: We have established clear procedures for reporting known or suspected abuse or misconduct involving minors.

Cornell University prioritizes the safety and well-being of every youth participant involved in our programs, fostering an environment where they can grow and thrive.