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Check-In/Check-Out Procedures for Youth Programs:

Parents/guardians must sign their children in and out each day (or the first and last day of the program for a residential program). Adults must show photo identification to pick up their child; once a relationship is established and the authorized persons responsible for overseeing sign-in and sign-out are familiar with the families, the photo requirement may be waived. Authorized persons are responsible for supervising minors until they are picked up by an adult with advanced written authorization to take custody of the youth.

CYS also suggests allowing parents/guardians the ability to list “do not pickup” names upon registration. 

High school-aged youth may sign themselves in and out of programs with advance written consent from the parent/guardian.  

Any questions may be directed to CYS. Exceptions to this provision will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

A template for this form may be viewed here. (opens in a new window).