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Training for Authorized Persons:

Policy 8.8 requires that all faculty, staff, students, and volunteers complete training in the recognition, prevention, response to, and reporting of abuse prior to participating in a youth program. These individuals are expected to understand and implement the material presented in this training. There are three components to this training:


Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct


Boundary Training for Educators

Read and Attest:

The Standards of Behavior for Working with Youth

Procedures for Procuring Training: 

Ithaca, Geneva, & Cornell Tech:

These three training components are automatically assigned to all authorized persons when they are added to a youth program registration and the training must be completed annually. Authorized persons will receive email notification when they have outstanding requirements to complete and will receive periodic reminders until they are within compliance

It is the responsibility of the program director to ensure that all authorized persons are compliant with this training requirement prior to participating in a program with minors. Individuals are marked as compliant within the Ideal-Logic registration system once they have viewed both videos and signed at attestation that they understand and will abide by the Standards of Behavior for Working with Youth. In the Ideal-Logic registration system, a green check mark indicates compliance, and a red X indicates non-compliance. Individuals who have not completed this training requirement may not have direct contact with minors in youth programs.

Weill Cornell Medicine-NYC:

Coming Soon!

Third Parties:

Third parties may utilize their own training provided it meets the above requirements. If you would like to utilize Cornell’s training, please contact us


Programs found to have violated the compliance elements of this policy may be subject to a delay in program start, removal of authorized persons from positions which include interaction with minors, cancellation of the program, or revocation of the ability to hold such programs in the future. Student organizations found to be noncompliant with this policy also risk the loss of organizational funding and/or recognition from Campus Activities and Sorority & Fraternity Life.

Additional Training for Program Directors:

CYS strongly recommends that program directors additionally complete the Protecting Children: Hiring Staff Who Work with Minors training prior to commencement of youth programming. This training is available within the Ideal-Logic registration system in the box marked "Self-Administer Trainings."