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 Student organizations only: Meet with representatives from CYS to discuss program structure and compliance requirements prior to registration.
 Register program in the Ideal-Logic registration system. Programs must be registered annually and at least 30 days before the program begins. View instructions for registration here.
 When applicable, reserve space for your program in the 25Live reservation system. Please note that CYS is unable to approve 25Live requests until compliance with Policy 8.8 is met.
 Determine if your program must be permitted as a children's camp in New York state. Please note that if your program meets these guidelines, you must follow both sets of requirements. Tompkins County: any questions may be directed to Kate Walker at the Department of Health.
 Select authorized persons (program staff) to assist with your program; ensure those individuals understand the requirements of participating in a program for minors.
 Ensure all authorized persons have cleared their background check prior to the program commencement.
 Ensure all authorized persons complete all required training prior to the program’s commencement.
 Ensure all authorized persons complete all required paperwork prior to the program’s commencement. Please note that volunteer forms will be completed within the Ideal-Logic registration system and will be assigned automatically as required. Travel waivers will be completed within the Campus Groups platform.
 Ensure the program has enough authorized persons to meet the minimum supervision requirements for the duration of the program. 
 Ensure the collection of completed parental consent and release forms (provided by CYS). Request those forms here.
 Ensure the collection of relevant information on program participants, including emergency contact information for parents/guardians, health and medical needs, dietary concerns, allergies, mobility concerns, behavioral needs, etc.
 Ensure abuse reporting procedures are followed by all authorized persons and comply with all internal and external investigations in the event of an abuse allegation. 
 Ensure behavioral expectations are made known to participants and their parents/guardians (for programs with custodial care of minors).
 Ensure appropriate and expeditious action is taken for rule violations or other unacceptable behavior by both program participants and authorized adults.
 Programs with custodial care of minors: Create a program safety plan. More information can be found here.
 Programs with custodial care of minors: Establish check-in/check-out procedures for your program. More information can be found here.
 If your program is a virtual program, has an overnight/residential component, or involves youth working in labs, review the appropriate guidance.
 Upload all applicable documentation to the Ideal-Logic registration system, including all consent/release forms, safety plans, Department of Health permits, Department of Health inspection reports, executed contracts, and Certificates of Insurance. (Please note that not all programs require all forms; contact CYS with any questions).
 Comply with CYS site visits during programming.

Contact us with questions at any time!