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CYS How to Register Your Program

Program directors are required to confirm each step has been completed before the program or camp can begin on the scheduled date involving children and youth.

Checklist to Register Children and Youth Programs



1) Read and understand University Policy 8.8, Children and Youth Safety

2) CYS Register the camp/program involving children and youth 

3) Enter all Cornell employees' names and the date of their HR background check. You must contact HR to obtain the date of each employee's background check. Then enter that date in the CYS Register.

4) Enter each volunteer's name with their CUNETID. (Children and Youth Safety will initiate the criminal background check and sex offender search)

  1. If your volunteer does not have a CUNETID contact Children and Youth Safety at:

5) Request parental permission forms from the Children and Youth Safety Administrator at:

6) Upload the following forms:

  1. Signed parental permission forms for every participant (All pages of the parental permission form)

  2. Transportation forms (If participants will be driven for CU Program/Camp) 

  3. Roster of participants (First and last names of the participants)

  4.  For registered NYS Camps that are permitted by the NYS Department of Health, see the Tompkins County Permitted Guidelines

    • Safety Plan

    • DOH permit

    • DOH background check results (where applicable)

    • Received DOH inspections

7) The program director will attest to the following:

  1. Only people with background checks completed and listed in the register will work with the children and youth program

  2. All Program Staff (including volunteers) have completed the required training and have read and understand University Policy 8.8, Children and Youth Safety

  3. Confirm all Program Staff understand how to report an incident involving a child or youth

8) When steps 1-7 are completed in the CYS Register, the Children and Youth Safety office will email the Program Director approval to commence the children and youth programming.

9) Once the Program director receives the approval email, you may initiate the Children and Youth Programming.